Newly placed orders first enter the order book as an "open order". When some of your "open order" matches with another order, it becomes a "partially matched order". When all of your order matches with another user's order, it becomes a "fully matched order" or "completed order". Completed orders are removed from the order book. Open orders can also be cancelled

The order book is a list of all open (unfilled) buy and sell orders. You can buy or sell digital currency at any price listed.

Market Orders

Select 'Market' above the buy/sell buttons to place a market order. Choose "Buy" or "Sell" and enter the size of your order. You can set the size in any supported currency. Selecting "Buy"

Market orders cannot be cancelled because they are filled immediately.

·         Market orders may be partially filled at several prices. Each part of your order will be shown in the fills panel.

Limit Orders

Select 'Limit' above the buy/sell buttons to place a limit order. Enter the order size, and your price, then select the button to place your order. When you place an order, it will be shown in several views - including 'Open orders', the 'Order book', and the 'Depth chart'. A basic limit order may be partially filled and is subject to price improvement - you may get an even better price than you asked for.

Stop Orders

Select 'Stop' above the buy/sell buttons to place a stop order. 

To place a Stop Market order, specify the amount and price at which the order should be triggered. Note that Stop Market orders are executed as market orders and may incur slippage.

To place a Stop Limit order, specify the amount and price at which the order should be triggered. A Stop Limit order will automatically post a Limit Order at the Limit Price when the Stop Price is triggered  

To cancel an open order, first make sure you're viewing the market on which your order was placed (e.g. BTC-USD, LTC-BTC, etc). Your open orders will be listed in the Open Orders panel in the lower middle of the trading dashboard. Hover the order that you desire to cancel and click the "cancel" to the right hand side of the order. 

First, you need to create an account, then add funds to your account using one of the methods of replenishment. After that you can buy or sell  crypto currencies using the currency pairs. You will always find the most profitable on the market rate for the purchase or sale of foreign currency. Our service is fully automated, on your account you have all the information about all public and private transactions.

Developed in 2009, Bitcoin (frequently referred to as BTC) is a digital form of currency, revolutionizing the world by becoming the first online currency able to be traded between individuals without a "middle man." This means that users of the Bitcoin system are able to trade Bitcoins with one another without going through a payment processor such as a bank, allowing you the freedom to buy, sell and trade as you please. For a lot more information check How it works or the official Bitcoin site .

Once User Confirm Withdrawal From His Email Then Admin Will Confirm The Withdrawal Request . Working Hours  We Will confirm On every 30 Minutes. Off working Hours may take Up to 5 Hours.