Daily News Updates

Daily News Updates
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Adding coins / ERC 20 tokens

Adding coins to the listing possible in two ways: direct payment and voting.

Direct payment:

- The cost of adding a coin to the exchange is 0.25 btc.

You can ADD coin direct from add coin menu

- The developer must provide us information about the coin, a link to the official repository of the node, to the official coin site (if exists), to the coin explorer and provide the API with the documentation.



To adding to the listing we are reviewing the coins that have received more votes than others.

Voting conditions:

-  user have 1 free vote per day, only if the balance of his account is 0.005 BTC.

- The user can purchase an unlimited number of votes for CC (CC can be obtained on the exchange page at the CC/BTC pair)

Winner Coin will be declared on every 15 days and coin will be listed to exchange in 5 working days 

Note :  The term of addition after payment from 3 days to 3 weeks, depends on the workload of specialists. The developer must notify in advance about the technical problems of the coin.


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