Daily News Updates

Daily News Updates

Adding coins to the listing

Adding coins to the listing possible in two ways: direct payment and voting.

Direct payment:

- The cost of adding a coin to the exchange is 0.15 btc.

You can ADD coin direct from add coin menu

- The developer must provide us information about the coin, a link to the official repository of the node, to the official coin site (if exists), to the coin explorer and provide the API with the documentation.

- ERC20 token must be verified.


To adding to the listing we are reviewing the coins that have received more votes than others.

Voting conditions:

-  user have 1 free vote per day, only if the balance of his account is 0.005 BTC.

- The user can purchase an unlimited number of votes for CC (CC can be obtained on the exchange page at the CC/BTC pair)

Winner Coin will be declared on every 15 days and coin will be listed to exchange in 5 working days 

Note :  The term of addition after payment from 3 days to 3 weeks, depends on the workload of specialists. The developer must notify in advance about the technical problems of the coin.


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